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On Time, In Class, Every Day!!

To report an absence, please call the school at:



ext. 5403 or 5493


Front of the Line, Fridays!

Students who wear any of the SVJ shirts pictured above, on Fridays, will be able to go to the front of any line throughout the day!  Lunch line, snack bar, etc. 

**An adult needs to be present**

State Testing

State Testing will be from March 23rd to May 7th.  Students will be tested in English language arts and mathematics.  Eighth grade students will also be tested in science.  Please ensure your students are well-prepared for testing.  The most important thing that you can do for your child during testing is make sure that he/she comes to school on the days they have tests. Making up a missed test means time out of class and losing important learning time that cannot be made up. In addition to attendance, your child will do his/her best on the tests if they:

  • take the tests seriously and give his or her best effort
  • get to bed early the night before to be well-rested on the day of the test
  • have a good breakfast on the morning of the test
  • come to school on time



This testing is very important for your child, Sierra Vista Junior High School, and the Baldwin Park Unified School District. Let’s do everything in our power to help our children succeed and feel good about themselves for a job well done!



Thank you for supporting your child and our school during this testing period. Please call if you have any questions.

Upcoming Events


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5/4-5/12   MDTP Testing Window  

5/5     6th Grade Band Showcase

5/5     Leadership Team Meeting

5/6     CMT Department

5/7     Principal's Meeting

5/7     Curriculum Council

5/8     Buy Back Day--NO SCHOOL

5/11   DSLT

5/11-5/13  Science Camp

5/11-5/15  Book Fair Week

5/12   Science Training

5/12   Integrated 1 Training

5/12   Leadership Meeting 2:45

5/13   CMT Staff Check Out Procedures

5/13   PE--Nutrition (7th Grade)

5/14   Benchmarks 1,3,5

5/15   Benchmarks 2,4,6

5/15   Celebrate Certificated and Classified Employee Luncheon

5/15   Library Closes

5/16   Relay for Life

5/17   Girls on the Run 5K

5/18   Dual Language Disney Trip

5/18  John's Incredible Pizza AR Reward 10-2

5/18  Illuminate Opens for Grades

5/19  7th/8th Grade Awards 10:00 AM

5/19  Peer Review School Plan

5/20  CMT--Department

5/20  8th Grade Party 12:00

5/20  8th Grade Promotion 1:00

5/20  SSC 2:45

5/21  Leadership Disney Trip

5/21  Dual Language Promotion

5/21  Science Training

5/22  Staff/Student Luncheon

5/22  Band/Choir Trip to Knotts


5/26  8th Grade to Knotts

5/27  Minimum Day (Start at 8:00)

5/27  Field Day

5/27  Sports Banquet 5:30 PM

5/28  Shortened Day--LAST DAY OF SCHOOL

5/28  No Think Together

5/28  Illuminate Closes 3:00 PM







**School Starts at 8:48 a.m. on Wednesdays**


Home and School Communication

Communication between the home and school are very important to assist with student success.  Below you will find suggestions of how to keep the lines of communication open:

  • Check your student's agenda on a daily basis, and review homework and assignments.
  • Access the Illuminate Parent Portal to check your student's grades at least every 2 weeks.  Click here to access Illuminate or create an account.
  • Email teachers with questions regarding your student's progress (click on the "Teachers" tab at the top of this page to access email addresses).
  • Visit the school website to stay up to date with important dates and activities.


Please Cover All Textbooks


Our school is implementing a rule where ALL TEXTBOOKS need to be covered beginning this year.  This is important because books have been damaged in the past by being carried back and forth from school.  Some ideas to covering books can be with paper bags from grocery stores and gift wrap.  Click on the link below for creative ideas.  


   Christine L. Simmons
   Assistant Principal
   Lorena S. Chavira
   Resource Teacher
   Leslee A. Rodriguez
   Academic Counselor
   Maribel Verduzco
   Vanessa Valles
   Sylvia Rueff

   Lorraine Galindo  x5493
   Community Liaison
   Jessica G. Acosta
   Library Technician
   Bertha A. Rios

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