Home-School Compact

Sierra VistaJunior High School

Home-School Compact

Adopted April 26, 2010

Our school philosophy is that families, students and school staff should work in partnership to help each student reach his/her potential.  As partners we agree to the following:


As a student I will:

  1. Cooperate with everyone and respect the school, staff, classmates, and family.
  2. Respect myself and believe in my ability to succeed.
  3. Commit to doing everything in my power now in order to graduate from high school on time with all of the requirements needed to enter a higher education program.
  4. Promote school safety by having zero tolerance regarding drugs/alcohol, weapons, violence, and gang-related activity.
  5. Follow all school discipline rules, the dress code and all classroom rules.
  6. Come to class on time, ready to learn, with books, supplies, and all assignments completed.
  7. Be an active learner who participates in each lesson, stays on-task, asks questions, and engages in higher level thinking. 
  8. Have school spirit and be involved in extra-curricular activities.
  9. Spend sufficient time at home reading, studying and doing my homework.
  10. Regularly talk to my parents and my teachers about school, including academic and social matters.


As a parent I will:

  1. Collaborate with everyone and respect the school, staff, students and families.
  2. Support my child’s social and emotional development by having healthy communication and accessing appropriate interventions.
  3. Make sure that my child gets adequate sleep, proper nutrition, regular physical activity, and medical care.
  4. Emphasize high standards and consistent effort with the goal of academic success.
  5. Provide the necessary materials and environment at home so my child can study, complete homework, and read.
  6. Make sure that my child attends school on time every day with required materials and completed homework.
  7. Monitor my child’s progress in school by regularly checking the agenda, homework, projects, and assessments.
  8. Maintain on-going communication with the school regarding attendance, discipline, and grades.
  9. Support the school’s attendance, discipline and dress code policies and decisions.
  10. Participate in parent-school functions and encourage my child to get involved in extra-curricular activities.


As educators we will:

  1. Collaborate with everyone and respect the school, staff, students and families.
  2. Create a safe, positive, healthy, and caring learning environment.
  3. Implement a firm, fair and consistent classroom management/discipline program.
  4. Educate the whole student, academically, physically, socially, and emotionally.
  5. Provide a challenging, standards-based instructional program that emphasizes high expectations.
  6. Motivate students by implementing engaging lessons and strategies that promote active learning.
  7. Address the individual needs of all students.
  8. Foster the emotional and social development of each student.
  9. Communicate regularly with families about their child’s progress in school.
  10. Participate in collaborative, school-wide efforts for the benefit of students.